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Upload your design files to receive prompt pricing and lead time estimates. With specialized CNC services and a range of manufacturing processes, including CNC machining and sheet cutting, we are your one-stop shop for custom aluminum and carbon fiber products. 

Whether it’s for drones, RC cars, or sim racing, we’ll provide comprehensive solutions to meet your unique needs!

Carbon Fiber Sheet
Premium Materials, Variety of Choices

Carbon Fiber CNC Service

If you need high-quality, precisely crafted carbon fiber parts, our carbon fiber CNC service is the perfect choice for you. We combine cutting-edge computer numerical control technology with superior carbon fiber materials to provide unparalleled manufacturing solutions. Whether it’s simple or complex designs, our team is skilled in creating parts that excel in quality, performance, and innovation.

Since 2013, iKabon has been a leader in carbon fiber cutting, producing custom parts for various applications. Our commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in this specialized field.



Chamfer Edge

Chamfer Edge

Silk Screen Printing

Silk-screen Printing

Silk Coated

Silk Coated

LOGO cutting

Logo Cutting

Custom RC Parts with Carbon Fiber

Are you looking for custom RC parts to enhance your race car or drone? Our experienced team specializes in crafting precise components for your high-performance drones and providing perfect custom solutions for your sim racing steering wheels. Utilizing advanced carbon fiber CNC technology, we ensure every part is tailored specifically for your needs, combining lightweight durability with attractive design.

Whether it’s creating a robust and stunning chassis for your RC car or boosting your drone’s performance, our custom solutions cater to your requirements. Our custom RC parts are not just components; they are masterpieces of engineering, showcasing the essence of precision CNC machining.

Experience our custom services now! Contact us to explore a range of custom carbon fiber RC components and turn your unique ideas into reality. Don’t miss out, visit our website to find more information on custom RC parts, and let’s create something extraordinary together!

We've Improved Performance In Many Applications

Custom Sim Racing Wheels

Custom Sim Racing Wheels

Forge unique, comfort-focused wheel designs for an immersive sim racing experience.

Custom Medical Bed

Custom Medical Bed

Implement height and angle adjustments, utilizing carbon fiber for a balance of lightness and strength.

Custom Robotics

Custom Robotics

Construct a lightweight, strong robotic arm for industrial automation.

Our Carbon Fiber Machining Successful Case

CNC Cutting Carbon Fiber Dash Panels

Carbon Fiber Dash

Custom Carbon Fiber Drone Frame

Drone Frame

Sim Racing Steering Wheel

Sim Racing Steering Wheel

Medical Equipment

Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment

cutting carbon fiber tube

Cutting Carbon Fiber Tube

How to work with iKabon

1. Upload a CAD Drawings

To start with, please prepare the drawings in dxf/dwg/stp files and send it to us.

2. Receive Manufacturing Analysis

Our Team will deeply understand your requirement and make a quotation.

3. Production Begins

We will send a sample or a video of assembly or customized packaging for customers to confirm before mass production.

4. Delivery

Different logistics channels are available. Customers can choose the appropriate logistics channel according to their actual needs.

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