Carbon Fiber Sheets


Rigid Carbon Fiber Sheet

Every carbon fiber sheet is made in an autoclave with top-brand raw materials with a perfect finish, ensuring the high quality and performance of the material. Whether for aerospace or RC applications, our carbon fiber sheets provide superior strength and durability. We offer custom options in a variety of finishes and thicknesses to ensure all your performance material requirements are met.


Colored carbon fiber sheets are carbon fiber composite sheets that have been specially treated or manufactured to have a colored appearance.

Flexible Carbon Fiber Sheet

A flexible carbon fiber sheet, often referred to as a carbon fiber fabric or sheet with a flexible matrix, is a composite material that combines carbon fiber reinforcement with a flexible or elastomeric matrix material.

Forged carbon fiber, also known as forged composite or forged carbon composite, is a type of carbon fiber material that is manufactured using a unique process.

Carbon Fiber Block

A carbon fiber block is a solid and rigid structural component created by compressing multiple layers of carbon fiber fabric or carbon fiber prepreg under high pressure and temperature.

iKabon High-Quality Carbon Fiber Sheets

As a professional carbon fiber sheet manufacturer, iKabon is committed to providing diverse and high-performance carbon fiber solutions. Our carbon fiber sheets are known for their exceptional strength, durability, and excellent appearance.

We manufacture these sheets using high-performance raw materials and advanced processes like autoclaving and molding. We can customize carbon fibre sheets in various sizes, thicknesses, and styles according to customer needs.

Explore our range of carbon fiber sheets, please contact us directly via email if you can’t find the specifications you need in our online store.

What’s the Difference Among Carbon Fiber Sheets, Plates, and Panels?

In the field of carbon fiber materials, the term “carbon fiber sheets” is sometimes used to refer to “carbon fiber plates”or “carbon fiber panels”. Although these three terms can be used interchangeably in some contexts, each has distinct characteristics and applications.

“Carbon Fiber Sheets” typically refer to thin and flexible carbon fiber materials, suitable for applications needing lightness and flexibility, such as aerospace and high-performance sports equipment.

“Carbon Fiber Plates” are thicker and sturdier, suitable for applications requiring high strength and rigidity, like mechanical structural parts and construction applications.

“Carbon Fiber Panels” usually cover a larger area, applicable in scenarios needing extensive coverage while maintaining lightweight and high-strength properties, such as in vehicle exteriors or architectural facades.

High-Performance Carbon Fiber Sheets: Ideal for Racing Drones and RC Cars

Our high-performance carbon fiber sheets are specifically designed for racing drones and RC Cars, using unidirectional materials like T300 and T700, combined with Toray’s 3K carbon fiber surface material, to ensure optimal strength and durability. These sheets of carbon fibre feature precise layering technology, offering various layup (0°/90°, ±45°, 0°/45°/90°/-45°) to suit different application requirements. Whether it’s the speed and agility needed for racing drones or the strength and durability for RC Cars, our carbon sheets provide exceptional performance and reliability.

Decorative Carbon Fiber Panels: A Perfect Blend of Aesthetics and Practicality

We offer specially designed carbon fiber sheets for interior decoration, furniture making, and luxury product design. These sheets are known for their unique textures and beautiful appearance. Our range includes forged carbon fiber, full 3K solid woven carbon fiber sheets , and colored carbon fiber sheets, each adding a high-end, stylish look to your design projects.

Flexible and Versatile: Ultra-Thin Flexible Carbon Fiber Sheets

In addition to traditional carbon fiber plates, we also provide ultra-thin flexible carbon fiber sheets, with a thickness of just 0.5 mm, perfect for applications requiring high flexibility and mobility. These thin carbon fiber sheets are flexible and lightweight, ideal for high-tech applications like simulated racing cars.

At iKabon, every piece of carbon fiber sheet represents our commitment to quality and innovation. Whether your needs are for high-performance racing equipment or unique decorative finishes, we can provide customized solutions tailored to your industry’s specific requirements. Contact us to choose the carbon fiber sheets that best suit your application and bring excellence to your project.


Carbon Fiber Sheets FAQ

The variety in carbon fiber sheets is due to differing manufacturing methods, fiber types, resin types, and weave patterns. These variations cater to specific strength, flexibility, and weight requirements for different applications.

Carbon fiber sheets can have several surface treatments, including clear coating, matte finishing, and textured surfaces for improved adhesion. The number varies, but our common options are gloss, semi-gloss, and matte finishes.

Yes, we can customize large carbon fiber sheets as your request.

Yes, we can customize the thickness of carbon fiber sheets according to your project needs. We offer a range of standard thicknesses and can accommodate custom requests.

The suitability of a carbon fiber sheet for your project depends on your specific requirements like strength, flexibility, weight, and environmental resistance. Contact us, we can help determine the best fit.

The largest size of our carbon fiber sheet is 8000mm X 3000mm.

The maximum temperature a carbon fiber sheet can withstand depends on the resin used. Most of our standard carbon fiber sheets can withstand temperatures up to approximately 120°C -180°C (248°F~356°F), but we can customize high temperature materials to withstand higher temperatures.

The cost of carbon fiber sheets varies widely based on size, thickness, weave pattern, and quality. You can check our carbon fiber sheet price from our online shop. Feel free to contact us if you want a wholesale price.

Yes, we offer carbon fiber cutting service since 2013. Just email us the drawings for a quotation.

Cutting carbon fiber sheets should be done with diamond-tipped tools or abrasive cutting wheels. If you want to know more about carbon fiber cutting, just email us. Safety equipment is crucial due to the fine, sharp fibers produced when cutting; a dust mask, eye protection, and gloves are recommended.