Veneer Sheets

Carbon Fiber Veneer Sheets 


In the carbon fiber field, there are products similar to “veneer sheets,” commonly known as carbon fiber veneer or carbon fiber skin. These thin sheets are similar in thickness and application to traditional wood veneer sheets, mainly used for surface decoration and aesthetic enhancement. Carbon fiber veneer sheets combine the high strength, lightweight properties, and unique aesthetics of carbon fiber, making them widely used in areas where surface decoration and visual appeal are important.

Material Types

To meet the diverse aesthetic needs of customers, carbon fiber veneer sheets include the following types:

  1. 3K Surface Carbon Fiber Sheet:

    • Features the typical 3K carbon fiber weave pattern.
    • Provides excellent strength and aesthetics.
    • Suitable for a wide range of applications.
  2. Colored Electroplated Carbon Fiber Sheet:

    • Surface treated with various colors through electroplating.
    • Adds visual diversity and uniqueness.
    • Suitable for products requiring personalized appearance.
  3. Random Pattern Carbon Fiber Sheet:

    • Features unique random weave patterns, making each piece one of a kind.
    • Ideal for products seeking uniqueness and differentiation.
  4. Customized Laminate Materials:

    • All 3K Carbon Fiber Sheets: Laminated with all 3K fibers, suitable for applications requiring high strength and rigidity.
    • All 12K Carbon Fiber Sheets: Laminated with 12K fibers, offering higher strength and rigidity for high-performance applications.
    • All Colored Carbon Fiber Sheets: Laminated with all colored fibers, providing consistent color and appearance.
    • All Random Pattern Carbon Fiber Sheets: Laminated with all random pattern fibers, ensuring the uniqueness of each piece.
  5. Carbon Fiber Sheets with Metal Fibers:

    • Gold-Silver Fiber Carbon Fiber: Incorporates gold and silver fibers during weaving, enhancing the product’s luxury and visual impact.
    • Red-Silver Fiber Carbon Fiber: Incorporates red and silver fibers, creating a red-silver pattern suitable for products requiring bright colors and unique appearance.
    • Green-Silver Fiber Carbon Fiber: Incorporates green and silver fibers, presenting a green-silver pattern suitable for applications seeking natural and innovative looks.
    • Blue-Silver Fiber Carbon Fiber: Weaves blue and silver fibers, forming a blue-silver pattern ideal for products needing a cool tone and modern appearance.

Main Applications

Carbon fiber veneer sheets, due to their superior performance and aesthetics, are widely used in the following fields:

  1. Automotive Interiors:
    • Used in dashboards, door panels, and center consoles to enhance the luxury and modernity of interiors.
  2. Electronics:
    • Used in phone cases, laptop covers, etc., to increase the aesthetic appeal and durability of products.
  3. Sports Equipment:
    • Used in bicycle frames, ski boards, and other sports equipment to enhance appearance and performance.
  4. Furniture and Home Decor:
    • Used in furniture surfaces or home decor to add a modern and technological touch.


  • Lightweight: Carbon fiber veneer sheets are very light, helping to reduce overall weight.
  • High Strength: Despite being very thin, carbon fiber veneer sheets have extremely high strength and rigidity.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Unique weave patterns and various color options make them ideal for decorative materials.
  • Flexibility: Can be applied to various complex and curved surfaces.
  • Durability: Corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and long-lasting.