Carbon Fiber Sheet– 1.0mm Thick Twill Gloss

Carbon Fiber Sheet– 1.0mm Thick Twill Gloss

Our carbon fiber sheet combines space-grade durability and tailored dimensions, perfect for applications ranging from aerospace innovations to modern design.




iKabon’s Carbon Fibre Sheet

Carbon fiber sheets, beginning at our standard 500mm x 500mm size, are just the start.
iKabon excels in bespoke creations, expanding to magnificent dimensions of 1800x5100mm or an expansive 2400x4000mm upon your request.


Carbon fiber sheets can be tailored from a subtle 0.2mm to a sturdy 50mm, echoing iKabon’s commitment to personalized perfection.


Carbon fiber sheets are imbued with high-grade Epoxy, a hallmark of iKabon’s unrivalled quality and durability.

Fiber Orientation:

Carbon fiber sheets are offered in standard orientations of 0°/90° and 45°/-45°, with custom options including:
– Type A: 0°/90°
– Type B: 45°/-45°
– Type C: 0°/45°/90°/-45° (quasi-isotropic)

  • Material Excellence: Each carbon fiber sheet is a blend of high-quality carbon fiber fabric and epoxy resins, resulting in a product that’s both lightweight and extraordinarily strong.
  •  Space-Grade Durability: Crafted from 100% space-grade prepreg carbon fiber, our sheets withstand the rigours of space, ensuring they’re resilient enough for the most demanding applications on Earth.
  •  Customizable Dimensions: From standard sizes to expansive dimensions like 1800x5100mm, each sheet of carbon fiber can be tailored to specific project requirements, making them versatile for a range of uses.
  •  Mechanical Superiority: With a strength comparable to 7-10 times their cross-section in rolled steel and a density of 1.55g/cm^3, carbon fiber sheets are the go-to material for projects demanding strength without the weight.
  •  Diverse Applications: From advanced robotics and aerospace components to luxurious interiors and art pieces, sheets of carbon fiber find use in myriad industries

iKabon Promise:

Quality isn’t just an assurance; it’s a vow. Every Carbon Fiber Sheet is a narrative of exceptional manufacturing echoing the zenith of industry benchmarks.

Specific requirement in mind? Your vision is our canvas. Reach out to iKabon, and watch your Carbon Fiber Sheets dreams materialize into tangible elegance!

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