Custom Drone


At iKabon, we don’t just follow the trends in technology; we lead them. As a professional provider of carbon fiber CNC cutting services, we focus on creating custom drone frames that meet a variety of needs, whether it’s for speed, stability, or specific operational scenarios. Our custom drone projects include: Racing Drone: Design a custom […]

The Definitive Guide to Machining Carbon Fiber

In the modern manufacturing realm, carbon fiber stands out as a material of choice for many industries. Its unique blend of strength, lightweight properties, and composite structure makes it indispensable. But how do we shape and customize this robust material to fit specific needs?  The answer lies in the intricate process of machining carbon fiber. […]

Carbon Fiber Cutting Service: Elevate Your Projects with iKabon’s Expertise

Introduction In an age defined by technological advancements and innovative materials, carbon fiber stands out as a remarkable composite. Revered for its unique properties, it’s no wonder industries worldwide are increasingly incorporating it into their projects The Evolution of Carbon Fiber Cutting From manual methods to the wonders of modern technology, the journey of carbon fiber cutting […]

The Superiority of Custom Carbon Fiber Parts with iKabon

carbon fiber custom parts

Introduction In the modern age, where technology and innovation rule, the demand for custom carbon fiber parts has skyrocketed. These components, known for their incredible strength-to-weight ratio, are indispensable in sectors from automotive and aviation to sports and beyond. Amidst this booming demand, iKabon emerges as a trusted name, synonymous with carbon fiber custom quality […]

What is Carbon Fiber?


1. Introduction The era of advanced materials is upon us, and one name stands out in this revolution: carbon fiber. What is carbon fiber, you might ask? It’s a material that’s lightweight yet stronger than steel, making it a favor ite across various industries. Carbon fiber’s composite materials and carbon-reinforced polymers are transforming the way we […]

Our CNC Factory Moved to Dongguan in July 2019

Due to the limited space in our existing factory and office in Shandong which is not capable to handle the jobs we have on hand, we established a small branch in Shenshen for CNC service for custom carbon fiber parts and aluminum parts in 2017. Afterwards, this year in July, we establised engineering and sales […]