Carbon Fiber Sheet– 10mm Thick Twill Gloss

Carbon Fiber Sheet– 10mm Thick Twill Gloss

iKabon offers elite 3K surface sheets, fortified by unidirectional carbon layers, tailored for peak performance.




Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Sheet:

At iKabon, we pride ourselves on merging artistic finesse with technical prowess, highlighting our elite surface 3K, complemented by inner layers of unidirectional carbon fiber. With fibers strategically aligned in one consistent direction, these Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Sheets epitomize top-tier engineering, offering unmatched strength exactly where required.

Our dedication to customization ensures every product is tailored to resonate with your distinct requirements. Our portfolio includes diverse thicknesses, dimensions, and finishes, from the classic twill weave, minimalist plain weave, to the distinctive forged patterns.

The surface layers radiate the elegance of 3K, while the core channels the robust power of unidirectional carbon fiber, making it an optimal choice for rigorous applications. Tailor the ply orientation, opting for 0/90, 45/-45, or the comprehensive 0/45/90/-45 angles.

Whether your taste leans towards the muted matte, balanced semi-matte, or the lustrous gloss, our offerings cater to all preferences. Opting for iKabon’s Surface 3K, combined with unidirectional carbon fiber panels, signifies a commitment to peak performance, meticulousness, and a tradition of unmatched excellence.

iKabon Promise:

Quality isn’t just an assurance; it’s a vow. Every Carbon Fiber Sheet is a narrative of exceptional manufacturing echoing the zenith of industry benchmarks.

Specific requirement in mind? Your vision is our canvas. Reach out to iKabon, and watch your Carbon Fiber Sheets dreams materialize into tangible elegance!



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