Carbon Fiber Sheet– 5.0mm Thick Twill Gloss

Carbon Fiber Sheet– 5.0mm Thick Twill Gloss

Experience the unparalleled strength of the block of carbon fiber. Discover the ultimate solution for lightweight engineering projects.




Lightweight Engineering: Block of Carbon Fiber

● Exceptional strength-to-weight ratio: Carbon fiber sheets are incredibly strong yet lightweight, making them ideal for applications requiring high strength and low weight.

● Highly durable: Carbon fiber sheets are highly resistant to corrosion and have a low thermal expansion coefficient, meaning they maintain their shape and stability in extreme temperatures and environments.

● Customizable: Carbon fiber sheets are highly customizable, with a variety of weave patterns, finishes, and resin systems available to suit specific application needs.

● Versatile: Carbon fiber sheets can be cut, drilled, and formed to fit complex geometries and shapes, making them suitable for a wide variety of applications.

● Aesthetic appeal: Carbon fiber sheets have a unique, high-tech appearance that makes them a popular choice for applications ranging from sports equipment to luxury goods.

Carbon Fiber Applications

carbon fiber applications

Our Advantage

● Customizable Sizes: Choose the size that fits your specific project needs – from 500mm x 500mm up to 2400x4000mm.
● Variety of Thicknesses: We offer a wide range of thicknesses, from 0.2mm to 50mm, to meet your specific application requirements.
● Customizable Fiber Orientation: Choose from multiple fiber orientation types to give your project the exact strength and properties you need.
● Superior Strength: Our carbon fiber sheets have a tensile strength equal to 7-10 times that of rolled steel, giving you reliable and durable results.
● Quality Guaranteed: We stand behind the quality of our product and ensure that each carbon fiber sheet is manufactured to the highest standards.


MaterialGradeSizeThicknessFiber OrientationWeaveFinish
3K Carbon FiberT300500mm*500mm0.2mm~50mm0°/90°Plain WeaveMatte
T700500mm*500mm45°/-45°Twill WeaveSemi Matte







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