Carbon Fiber Sheet– 10mm Thick Plain Gloss

Carbon Fiber Sheet– 10mm Thick Plain Gloss

iKabon offers elite carbon fiber sheets, merging strength & beauty for industrial and artistic projects. Experience the iKabon difference.




Carbon Fiber Sheets For Sale:

At iKabon, we pride ourselves on offering a premium selection of carbon fiber sheets, meticulously crafted to meet diverse demands. Each sheet is designed with precision, available in a myriad of sizes and finishes, ensuring a perfect fit for every project.

Whether you’re delving into the realm of industrial applications or seeking to elevate an artistic venture, our carbon fiber sheets provide unmatched strength, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Experience the perfect blend of form and function with iKabon – where every fiber counts.

Carbon fiber sheets, beginning at our standard 500mm x 500mm size, are just the start.
iKabon excels in bespoke creations, expanding to magnificent dimensions of 1800x5100mm or an expansive 2400x4000mm upon your request.


Carbon fiber sheets can be tailored from a subtle 0.2mm to a sturdy 50mm, echoing iKabon’s commitment to personalized perfection.


Carbon fiber sheets are imbued with high-grade Epoxy, a hallmark of iKabon’s unrivalled quality and durability.

Fiber Orientation:

Carbon fiber sheets are offered in standard orientations of 0°/90° and 45°/-45°, with custom options including:
– Type A: 0°/90°
– Type B: 45°/-45°
– Type C: 0°/45°/90°/-45° (quasi-isotropic)

Key Features:

Strength: Carbon fiber sheets by iKabon boast a strength akin to 7 to 10 times its cross-section in rolled steel, yet maintain a light density of 1.55g/cm^3.
Finish: Toray 3K in Twill/Plain Weave in Matte, Semi Matte, or Glossy finishes.                                                                                                                                                             (Note: 3K Twill Matte is instantly available; for other finishes, a quick conversation with us is all it takes)

Durability: Carbon fiber sheets are engineered to defy ultra-high temperatures and demonstrate formidable fatigue resistance in non-oxidizing atmospheres.

Versatile Applications:

Carbon fiber sheets transcend boundaries, seamlessly integrating into:

  • Advanced Robotics
  • High-velocity RC Racing Components
  • UAV Drone Constructs
  • Opulent Interior Designs
  • Elite Athletic Gear
  • Elegant Bottle Openers & Key Chains
  • Refined Knife Handles
  • Distinctive Carbon Fiber Gifts & Musical Instruments
  • Contemporary Carbon Fiber Furniture & Art Pieces

iKabon Promise:

Quality isn’t just an assurance; it’s a vow. Every Carbon Fiber Sheet is a narrative of exceptional manufacturing echoing the zenith of industry benchmarks.

Specific requirement in mind? Your vision is our canvas. Reach out to iKabon, and watch your Carbon Fiber Sheets dreams materialize into tangible elegance!

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