Carbon Fiber Sheet– 3.0mm Thick Twill Gloss

Carbon Fiber Sheet– 3.0mm Thick Twill Gloss

Premium carbon fiber laminate sheets, customizable in color, texture, and size. From 0.23mm thin to 40mm thick, quality meets choice




Carbon Fiber Laminate Sheet by iKabon: Where Precision Meets Customization


iKabon proudly presents its range of carbon fiber laminate sheets, tailored to meet the diverse demands of our clientele. Offering unrivaled quality, our laminate sheets are the epitome of strength, versatility, and aesthetic appeal.


Thickness Range: From an ultra-slim 0.23mm to a sturdy 40mm.
Maximum Dimensions: Up to 9000*3000mm.
Core Variants: Standard T300 and High-Strength T700 carbon fiber sheets.
Surface Finish: Signature 3K with options for Unidirectional Carbon Fiber plates, ideal for high-strength applications. Customizable layup angles include 0/90, 45/-45, and 0/45/90/-45.

Customization at its Best:

Vivid Colors: Dive into our spectrum of colored carbon fiber laminate sheets, available in red, orange, purple, green, silver, gold, and pink.
Surface Textures: Choose from Twill weave, plain weave, or the unique forged pattern.
Finish Variants: Matte, semi-matte, or glossy.
Custom Fiber Counts: Tailored to your needs – 3K, 6K, or 12K.

Special Offerings:

Our craftsmanship extends beyond sheets. Explore our decorative forged carbon fiber blocks, perfect for knife handles and other ornamental applications.

Why Choose iKabon?

Our commitment to quality, paired with our expansive customization options, positions us as leaders in the carbon fiber laminate sheet industry. When you choose iKabon, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re investing in a legacy of excellence.
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