Carbon Fiber Sheet– 3.0mm Thick Plain Semi Matte

Carbon Fiber Sheet– 3.0mm Thick Plain Semi Matte

Carbon Fiber Fabric Sheets by iKabon: Precision-crafted, blending durability with elegance. Customize from 0.23mm to 40mm, in texture, color, and finish




Carbon Fiber Fabric Sheets by iKabon: A Tapestry of Strength and Elegance


Step into the realm of iKabon, where the art of carbon fiber weaving meets cutting-edge technology. Our carbon fiber fabric sheets are meticulously crafted, ensuring both durability and a touch of sophistication.


Dimensional Diversity: From the ultra-sleek 0.23mm to a robust 40mm thickness. Our expansive sheets span up to an impressive 9000*3000mm.
Premium Grades: Choose between the steadfast Standard T300 or the formidable T700 carbon fiber sheet.
Layering Excellence: Our 3K surface-finished sheets come with an option for Unidirectional Carbon Fiber plates, ideal for high-endurance applications. Opt for layup angles like 0/90, 45/-45, or the intricate 0/45/90/-45.

Tailored for You:

Colors that Speak: Personalize with our spectrum of colored carbon fiber fabric sheets, ranging from vibrant red and orange to regal gold and silver.
Texture & Finish: Define your style with textures like Twill weave, plain weave, or the artisanal forged pattern. Top it off with matte, semi-matte, or a glossy sheen.
Customized Fiber Count: Precisely tailored to your needs, select from 3K, 6K, or 12K.

Special Creations:

For the connoisseur in you, explore our decorative forged carbon fiber blocks, the perfect material for exquisite knife handles.

Choose iKabon:

With carbon fiber fabric sheets by iKabon, you’re not just buying a product, you’re investing in a legacy of precision and craftsmanship.

Carbon Fiber Applications

carbon fiber applications

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