Carbon Fiber Sheet– 2.0mm Thick Plain Semi Matte

Carbon Fiber Sheet– 2.0mm Thick Plain Semi Matte

iKabon crafts Carbon Fiber Veneer with precision, blending modern aesthetics with robust functionality for diverse applications




iKabon Carbon Fiber Veneer 

At iKabon, we epitomize the fusion of modern craftsmanship with innovation through our Carbon Fiber Veneer. While our 0.4mm sheets stand testament to the delicate intricacy of carbon fiber, our offerings are vast. We cater to a myriad of customizations in thickness and dimensions, with textures ranging from the timeless Twill weave, the minimalist Plain weave, to the distinguished Forged pattern.

Whether your preference leans towards matte, semi-matte, or a brilliant gloss, we tailor to perfection. Furthermore, we specialize in producing veneers in 3K, 6K, 12K, and even colored variations to match diverse client specifications.

But iKabon’s Carbon Fiber Veneer is more than just a visual treat. Widely incorporated onto dashboards, decorative elements, and even casings for electronic devices, it adds a touch of modernity and high-tech allure to products.

Despite its minimal weight addition, it’s a favorite in sectors like automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics, delivering the visual appeal of carbon fiber without the need for full structural components.

With iKabon, you’re not just opting for a product; you’re investing in excellence, precision, and a legacy of unmatched quality.

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