Carbon Fiber Sheet– 2.0mm Thick Plain Matte

Carbon Fiber Sheet– 2.0mm Thick Plain Matte

We offer premium, void-free Forged Carbon Sheets at iKabon, excelling in both performance and aesthetics, making them ideal for crafting exceptional knife handles.




Forged Carbon Sheet by iKabon

Still searching for a Forged Carbon Sheet without pinholes? Look no further – iKabon is your wise choice. Our Forged Carbon Sheet stands as a testament to innovative manufacturing, offering a product that surpasses traditional woven carbon fiber fabrics in both form and function.

Using a specialized forging method, we process carbon fibers and resin under meticulous conditions, resulting in a solid, void-free sheet renowned for its unique appearance. Recognizing the diverse needs of our clientele, iKabon provides customized thickness options tailored to individual requirements.

Especially sought after for crafting durable and visually striking knife handles, our void-free Forged Carbon Sheet delivers both outstanding performance and unparalleled aesthetic appeal. We warmly invite customer inquiries, always ready to meet your exact specifications.

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