Colored Carbon Fiber Sheets-1.0mmThick Green

Colored Carbon Fiber Sheets-1.0mmThick Green

iKabon offers vibrant colored carbon fiber sheets, blending strength & aesthetics. Customize sizes from 0.23mm to 40mm. Perfect for various applications.




iKabon: Revolutionizing Design with Colored Carbon Fiber Sheets

Dive into a world where strength meets vibrant aesthetics with iKabon’s premium colored carbon fiber sheets. As industry pioneers, we’ve seamlessly blended the unparalleled strength of carbon fiber with a spectrum of color possibilities, ensuring our sheets not only perform exceptionally but also look extraordinary.

Why Choose iKabon’s Colored Carbon Fiber Sheets?

  • A Spectrum of Colors: From fiery reds and radiant oranges to elegant silvers and rich golds, our sheets are available in a diverse palette including purples, greens, and even a delicate shade of pink. Your designs are no longer confined to the conventional black of carbon fiber.
  • Unmatched Strength and Lightweight Properties: At the heart of our colored sheets lies the very essence of carbon fiber – a material celebrated for its weight-saving properties and robust strength. Whether you’re in aerospace or automotive design, our sheets promise uncompromised performance.
  •  Customization at Its Best: Every project is unique, and we understand that. Whether you’re looking for sheets as thin as 0.23mm or as thick as 40mm, iKabon has you covered. Our state-of-the-art facilities can even produce sheets up to an impressive size of 9000 x 3000mm.
  • Diverse Applications: Our colored carbon fiber sheets are not just a treat for the eyes. They find applications across sectors, be it in the luxurious interiors of sports cars, the sleek bodies of drones, or the customized decks of premium skateboards.
  • Reputable Manufacturing: With a legacy of producing high-quality carbon fiber products, iKabon stands as a beacon of quality and innovation. Trust in our craftsmanship, precision, and dedication to excellence.


Choosing iKabon’s colored carbon fiber sheets means choosing the future a future where your products not only stand out for their performance but also for their visual appeal. Embrace color. Embrace strength. Embrace iKabon.


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