Carbon Fiber Sheet– 10mm Thick Twill Semi Matte

Carbon Fiber Sheet– 10mm Thick Twill Semi Matte

iKabon’s Twill Weave Carbon Fiber Sheets: Meticulous craftsmanship meets aesthetic brilliance in customizable dimensions.




Discover iKabon’s Twill Weave Carbon Fiber Sheets: 

Precision-engineered with a distinct pattern, tailored sizes, and finishes to elevate your projects.

  • Product Specifications:

    • Dimensions: Standard offerings of 500mm x 500mm. Seeking something distinct? We customize up to expansive dimensions of 1800x5100mm and a vast 2400x4000mm.
    • Thickness: Tailored thickness ranging from a slender 0.2mm to a sturdy 50mm.
    • Matrix: Premium-grade Epoxy
    • Fiber Orientation: Typically at 0°/90° or 45°/-45°. Bespoke orientations on offer:
      • Type A: 0°/90°
      • Type B: 45°/-45°
      • Type C: 0°/45°/90°/-45° (quasi-isotropic)

    Key Features:

    • Strength: Competes with the might of 7 to 10 times its cross-section in rolled steel, boasting a density of 1.55g/cm^3.
    • FinishesToray 3K in Twill/Plain Weave available in Matte, Semi Matte, or Glossy finishes. Note: Only 3K Twill Matte is readily accessible; for other finishes, please inquire.
    • Durability: Demonstrates resilience against ultra-high temperatures and showcases impressive fatigue resistance in non-oxidizing atmospheres.

    Versatile Applications:

    From cutting-edge robotics, high-velocity RC racing components, UAV drone frameworks, to opulent interior designs, premier sports equipment, chic bottle openers & keychains, refined knife handles, exclusive carbon fiber gifts & musical instruments, to contemporary carbon fiber furniture & artworks, iKabon’s carbon fibre sheets are the go-to choice.

    Our Commitment

    Excellence is our benchmark. Each sheet stands as a testament to our superior craftsmanship and adherence to the loftiest industry standards.

    Have a bespoke requirement? Connect with us and let’s bring your vision to fruition!


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