Carbon Fiber Sheet– 1.0mm Thick Twill Semi Matte

Carbon Fiber Sheet– 1.0mm Thick Twill Semi Matte

Our carbon fiber panels combine engineering precision with elegance, tailored for diverse projects from robotics to luxury art.




Carbon Fiber Panels: The Ultimate Blend of Engineering Mastery and Elegance


  • Dimensions: Our standard carbon fiber panel starts at 500mm x 500mm, but for those requiring larger dimensions, we craft up to sizes of 1800x5100mm and 2400x4000mm.
  • Thickness: Thicknesses range from a sleek 0.2mm to a substantial 50mm.
  • Matrix: In every carbon fiber panel, we employ premium Epoxy.
  • Fiber Orientation: While we offer 0°/90° or 45°/-45° as standard orientations, bespoke configurations, including quasi-isotropic ones, are also available.

Standout Features:

  • Strength: Our carbon fiber panels boast strength that can challenge 7-10 times that of rolled steel, yet maintain a lightweight density of 1.55g/cm^3.
  • Finishes: Our range includes the sought-after Toray 3K in Twill/Plain Weave, with finish options from Matte to Glossy.
  • Durability: Each carbon fiber panel is engineered to withstand intense temperatures, offering impressive fatigue resistance.


From cutting-edge robotics and rapid RC gear to luxury art pieces and gifts, our carbon fiber panels fit seamlessly into diverse projects.

Our Pledge:

Every carbon fiber panel we produce stands as a symbol of our unwavering dedication to top-tier quality.

Work with Us:

Have a unique concept in mind? Partner with us, and let’s transform your ideas into tangible masterpieces with our carbon fiber panels.

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