Carbon Fiber Sheet– 3.0mm Thick Plain Matte

Carbon Fiber Sheet– 3.0mm Thick Plain Matte

iKabon offers premium carbon fiber panel sheets, customizable in color, texture, and size. From 0.23mm to 40mm, tailored to your project’s needs.




Carbon Fiber Panel Sheet by iKabon: Where Precision Meets Customization

Welcome to iKabon, your definitive source for premium carbon fiber panel sheets. With precision engineering and an unwavering commitment to quality, we offer unparalleled customization in the world of carbon fiber.


Thickness Range: From an ultra-thin 0.23mm to a sturdy 40mm.
Maximum Size: Impressive dimensions up to 9000*3000mm.
Fiber Types: Standard T300 and High-Strength T700 carbon fiber sheets.
Texture & Finish:
Surface Finish: Choose from 3K, 6K, or 12K.
Texture Variants: Twill weave, plain weave, and the unique forged pattern.
Gloss Levels: Matte, semi-matte, and glossy finishes.

Unique Features:

Unidirectional Carbon Fiber: Ideal for high-performance applications. Customizable layup angles: 0/90, 45/-45, and 0/45/90/-45.
Colored Carbon Fiber Sheets: Step out of the ordinary with our vibrant range of colors – red, orange, purple, green, silver, gold, and pink.
Decorative Uses: Our forged carbon fiber blocks are perfect for ornate applications, including knife handles.

Personalized Solutions for Every Demand:

At iKabon, we understand the unique demands of every project. Whether you’re looking for specific colors to match branding, varied textures for aesthetics, or unique finishes for specific applications, our carbon fiber panel sheets are tailored to meet your exact specifications.

Elevate your projects with iKabon’s carbon fiber panel sheets – where every sheet is a testament to quality and innovation.


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