Carbon Fiber Sheet– 2.0mm Thick Plain Gloss

Carbon Fiber Sheet– 2.0mm Thick Plain Gloss

Experience the versatility of large carbon fiber sheets. Elevate your projects with this high-quality and lightweight material, unlocking new possibilities.




iKabon Rigid Carbon Fiber Sheets: The Perfect Blend of Strength, Customization, and Quality

In search of top-tier carbon fiber sheets? iKabon offers you a professional-grade solution. Our rigid carbon fiber sheets are meticulously designed to ensure optimal mechanical properties, striking the perfect balance between performance and cost.


Precision Layup: Standard 0/90-degree layup ensures fibers are meticulously aligned in both principal directions, providing a balanced mechanical performance.
Quasi-isotropic Carbon Fiber Sheets: By adding +45 and -45-degree plies, these sheets provide near axis-symmetry stiffness properties, making them suitable for intricate parts and complex load patterns.
Classic Carbon Fiber Appearance: A satin twill outer layer on both sides offers a signature carbon fiber look.

Broad Applications:

● High-performance drones
● Advanced industrial robotics
● Sleek automotive and marine dash panels
● Stylish cosmetic covers
● Cutting-edge scientific equipment

Customization Services:

Whatever your needs in terms of size, thickness, or layup schedules, we offer specialized customization services. Our largest carbon sheet can reach dimensions of 9000*3000mm, with a maximum thickness of 40mm.

Dive into our world of products and combine your vision with our expertise to create something exceptional. For any inquiries or requirements, please feel free to contact us.

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