Grade 12.9 Cup Head Steel Screws

Grade 12.9 Cup Head Steel Screws

Grade 12.9 cup head steel screws offer unmatched strength and reliability. Perfect for heavy-duty applications.




Material: Steel
Grade: 12.9
Head Type: Cup Head Hex

Thread Diameter: M3
Length Options: 3mm~100mm


  • Unmatched Strength: Grade 12.9 cup head steel screws are known for their exceptional strength. They are manufactured to withstand heavy loads and provide reliable and long-lasting fastening solutions.
  • Reliable Fastening: With their cup head design, Grade 12.9 screws provide a secure and reliable fastening solution. The cup-shaped head allows for better grip and prevents stripping, ensuring a tight and secure connection.
  • Versatile Applications: Grade 12.9 cup head steel screws are suitable for a wide range of applications. They are commonly used in construction, automotive, machinery, and other industries where high-strength fasteners are required.
  • Industry Standard: Grade 12.9 is an industry standard for high-strength fasteners. By offering these screws, you provide your cusyou provide your customers with a reliable and trusted solution that meets or exceeds industry standards.

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